He’s not quite done yet – but Usain Bolt raced this weekend for the last time in his 100m medal chase. Although Bolt’s final farewell in the 100m final it didn’t exactly go the way the world had wanted (separate blog to follow), Bolt’s athletics career will go down in history. Glistening with golds and being a fantastic sportsman, he has carried the weight of athletics on his shoulders for the last 8 years remarkably well.

At the Beijing Olympics it was widely reported that Bolt claimed the triple gold (100m, 200m and 4x100m*) fuelled by no other than McDonalds chicken nuggets; apparently 100 a day. Is there no end to his talent? To win the 100m in 9.69 seconds having eaten 20 chicken nuggets, a nap, followed by another 20 chicken nuggets, just makes the world love him more.

But, there was logic to this madness. One of the most common phrases in sport is don’t try something new on race day, do what you’re used to. Whether it be your clothing or your nutritional preparations. Being careful, Bolt made the decision that he didn’t want to risk eating food that could make him ill and impair his race. So instead he stuck to what he is used to, something that is safe and the same all around the world. Chicken nuggets. I’m sure that he would have decided that he was going to fuel up on McDonalds weeks, if not months prior to the Olympics, and incorporated this into his training.

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*The 4x100m gold was then taken away due to Nesta Carter testing positive for banned substances