Turmeric has become one of the UK’s most popular supplements over the last couple of years. Most health food stores will sell a variety of different strength capsules, as well as turmeric infused bars and drinks being widely available. Whilst we’ve just cottoned onto this ‘super spice’, those from India and other East Asian countries will roll their eyes as they’ve been using it forever.

Following in the steps of turmeric is ginger. Having a long standing history of traditional use, it’s healing powers were first discovered 5000 years ago in China, as well as being a highly valued ingredient in Ayurvedic Medicine. With over 120 clinical studies confirming benefits to health; ginger is set to be the next big thing in botanicals.

The main benefits being;

  • Relieving nausea
  • Calm and sooth digestion
  • Promote gastrointestinal comfort
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Fight colds

The main active component of ginger is the gingerols – something responsible for much of its medicinal properties.

In 2015, it was reported that the US consumer sales of ginger dietary supplements hit over $72million, with continual growth expected due to increasing frequency of digestive health problems. Ginger has been shown to increase antral contractions, inducing faster gastric emptying, helping ease the symptoms of indigestion.

We can offer a variety of ginger supplements; capsules, effervescent tablets, drinks and natural energy balls and bars.

Naturex are also launching Gingest very shortly; a ginger extract powder that contains 26% gingerols.

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