Here at Opalbond we’re in a privileged position to see what’s going on in the market and get to work with a great variety of brands; from small start ups to larger brands who feature heavily in our retail space.

One thing that always interests me is who the brands are targeting their products at. You get some brands that go for a more “one size fits all” approach, aiming at people who need to supplement their lifestyle with protein, vitamins, minerals etc. Depending on the person and their activity levels they may take more or less of the offering to the next person, but ultimately they are offering products that most people could take in some way.

The alternative, are much smaller, niche brands that target a specific audience or sport. For example, a brand that targets the older aged exerciser, or a very specific sport such as esports. These brands could become essentials to their targeted consumer, but not gain large traction due to focussing on a limited group so aren’t available in retailers or on shop shelves.

I guess it is up to the brand, would you rather be an expert in a smaller client base, or have products not sport / consumer specific, but have a larger client base? There are positives and negatives for both, and I am sure as a brand the grass will always seem greener on the other side.

What seems niche now might become mass market in the future – you never know! Most children these days probably don’t know that Amazon started up as just an E-shop selling books, quite a niche product area. Now, Amazon is reported to have more than 300million active customers…

Everyone has to start somewhere and that is a great thing about working at Opalbond, we support customers big and small – something that I love doing. Everyone loves a success story!