The Grocer recently commissioned research by HIM (a consumer insights company) into consumers’ perceptions of protein bars and shakes. 1,000 consumers were surveyed in August this year and the headlines, as reported in The Grocer, are as follows:

  • Over a fifth of consumers eat a protein bar once a week or more
  • Men are far more likely to drink protein shakes than women
  • Morning is the most common time of day to have a protein product
  • Younger consumers seek out natural sources of protein
  • Less than a fifth of consumers eat protein products for exercise purposes
  • Nearly 50% of consumers look at protein content
  • 25% of consumers don’t know how much protein a product should contain
  • 75% are worried about sugar content
  • Protein bars are seen as healthier than confectionary
  • Men are more likely than women to stay loyal to a protein brand

I’d recommend reading the full article as the insights bring consumers’ preferences and habits into sharper focus. What I find most interesting is that figure of only a fifth of consumers using bars and shakes exclusively for exercise purposes. This represents a huge opportunity for our customers to diversify their offer and consider whether a focus on ‘sports performance’ as a key product message is actually the way to go.

What’s very reassuring to me is that taste is still the primary concern for consumers, followed by price and only then by protein content. This confirms that our focus at Opalbond on only delivering great-tasting products is serving our customers and their end consumers well.

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