Last week, Cadbury officially launched it’s new Dairy Milk bar which boasts a 30% sugar reduction. Some cynics have picked up on the size reduction, 35gm down from 45gm, and the time to market, given it’s taken a team of 20 scientists, nutritionists and chocolatiers nearly three years to launch. The new bar has virtually the same calorific value and the cost is identical. So it’s natural to question whether the new bar has been reformulated or simply reduced in size…

Irrespective of the functionality, taste, texture, flavour and aroma are critical requirements for a great bar. The Telegraph’s Andrew Baker would suggest ‘smaller’ brands already lead the way in sugar reduction.

Aside from taste, cost and size, the clear trends are low sugar and sugar reduction. Perhaps Cadbury should be commended for taking the brave step in introducing a 30% reduction in sugar to the nation’s favourite chocolate bar?

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