Key Considerations for New Product Developments (NPD)

With nutrition innovation expanding at faster rates than ever before, consumer choice has never been greater. How can your brand innovate to continue capturing your consumer’s attention and ensure the success of your new products? From reformulation to alternative formatting of current products, here are some of the key considerations to ensure that your NPD will be a success.


What to consider when reformulating

  • What are the most popular tends in the market at the moment?
  • What do my consumers value the most about my current product?
  • What do other products on the market provide that mine do not?


Clean label

Clean label is no longer a trend, but an established reality. Brands are now facing consumer demand for products with fewer and more familiar ingredients. However, removing certain ingredients can change the product quite dramatically. What alternatives to the ‘nasty’ ingredients can you use that your consumers will trust?



Similarly, functional and health beneficial products are thriving. Revamping existing products or adding to an existing range to include the latest trending ingredients will allow your brand to capitalise on these trends and keep your consumers interested.



The process of NPD can often involve a lot of trial and error, with a great deal of time spent on testing several new approaches. This can mean losing resources from other key business functions before being able to finalise new formulations, if at all! This before taking into account potential increases in costs of raw materials, packaging, or processing. Obviously, these are unwanted complications as the purpose of NPD is to add value to a portfolio.


Align yourself with an expert partner

Now is an exciting time for NPD, however, the hurdles for brands to overcome can seem off-putting. At Opalbond, we can help you overcome any challenges that could arise allowing you to deliver new and innovative products efficiently and stress-free. Having helped many start-up and existing brands, we have developed a deep understanding of this process and can use this to help with your NPD.


We go beyond the term "Private Label" by combining our expertise in nutrition with decades of industry experience and market understanding. We create and develop outstanding unique new products, ready for our clients to take to market.

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