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Private Label

Protein Brownies

Our protein brownies are not only high in protein but also low in sugar and fat. This makes our brownies popular as both protein supplements and weight management products.

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Private Label Protein Brownies

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High Protein Brownies

Our protein brownies have a high protein content meaning that over 20% of the brownie's calories come from their protein content. Your customers will love the great taste of our brownies whilst they simultaneously supplement protein. It's a win-win for cheat foods.

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Weight Management Brownies

Low sugar and low fat brownies are a great way for weight management brands to promote to their consumers a product which gives them what they crave without all the negatively perceived ingredients.

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Vegan Brownies

Our unique vegan protein brownie recipes are very popular with consumers. There has been a significant rise in a flexitarian diet, where consumers will pick a meat and milk free alternative if there is the option to do so.

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Gooey "Filled" Brownies

Creating a "filled" centre to our private label protein brownies gives them an immense texture which consumers actively seek out. This gooey texture is becoming more popular with consumers.

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