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Private Label

Functional Chewing Gum

Our private label functional gum allows for the absorption of key vitamins, minerals and additives whilst gaining the traditional enjoyment of chewing gum and giving fresh breath. Functional chewing gum may be the inventive new product for your brand. A product to set you apart from the crowd.

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Going Beyond "Private Label"

Private Label Functional Chewing Gum

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Functional Chewing Gum

At Opalbond we offer a plethora of private label functional gums. The specifications for these gums are centred on two gum bases, plastic gum base, made with a synthetic material, and biodegradable gum base, made with a natural chicle base.

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Functional Formulation

After the taste profile is agreed we can then begin functional formulation. We currently offer caffeine gum, charcoal gum, for teeth whitening, and beauty gum, with Biotin and other ingredients associated with helping maintain cosmetic beauty.

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Experimental Additives

Although a lot is not yet known about the potential beneficial uses of CBD we have worked to create a CBD chewing gum capable of giving a daily dose within one of our functional chewing gums.

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We have experience with the additives listed earlier on this page, however, we can work with your exact needs to build a specification to your liking with the additives you desire.

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