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Sourced, manufactured and marketed as natural speciality ingredients. All of the Naturex ingredients can be used to create healthy, authentic and effective products.

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How we work

Delivering ingredient innovation

Key ingredient categories

NAT activ™

The core range by Naturex including phytoactives.

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Beta Glucan

BG28 is a functional, oat-based ingredient, coming with plenty of EFSA Health Claims.

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Standardised high value extracts with extensive clinical trials.

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Nat F&V™

High quality range of fruit and vegetable powders including 100% powders containing no carriers.

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Sector spotlight:


Ingredients for

Sports Nutrition

In sports nutrition, performance is everything. By adding clinically proven ingredients to your products, you can deliver enhanced performance that your customers will be able to see and feel.

Ingredients for

Weight Management

It’s vital that weight management products should also promote good health. Our in-house nutritionists are able to advise on the addition of high-quality ingredients to create or enhance a safe, high-performance product.

Ingredients for

Healthcare and VMS brands

In a growing supplement markets, it’s important that your product stands out. With a comprehensive knowledge of the latest ingredients, we can help you give your supplements the competitive edge.

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We can offer expert advice on high-performance ingredients

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