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Private Label

Protein and Energy Balls

The “ball” within the private label nutritional supplement landscape is a newly adopted format of food. It allows for an easy and convenient snack. Balls deliver a quick boost of energy, whilst not weighing down the consumer with a full stomach. This is a great addition to a brand looking to add particularly healthy snacks to their portfolio. Using a contract manufacturer allows their expertise in the particular product to shine through in the products quality. Our protein and energy ball recipes have been perfected over 15 years of toiling with ingredients, processes, and preparation methods. And yet, with the flexibility to allow your input into a ball you would be proud to add to your range.

How we work

Going Beyond "Private Label"

Private Label Protein and Energy Balls

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Protein Balls

Our private label protein balls are enriched with the essential ingredients needed for muscle recovery and help build back new tissue. We use only the best ingredients within our balls to ensure that every bite is a positive consumer experience.

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Energy Balls

For a bite to eat, during or after your sports session, or a little energy boost during the day, our organic energy balls are a healthy alternative to sugary snacks. We make certain the balls have a melt-in-your-mouth texture and great long-lasting flavour.

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