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Private Label

Protein Cookies

The key to our protein cookies is supreme taste and texture. We are extremely proud of our protein cookie contract manufacturing process, and of course, the end product. Our in-house nutritionists have looked into the detailed specifications of each variety of protein cookie that we offer, they have assessed both nutritional value and taste, perfecting the balance between nutritional macros and yumminess. Could our innovative private label protein cookies be the next move for your brand?

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Private Label Protein Cookies

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DUO Protein Cookies

All of our cookies come packed with two cookies per packet. This gives the consumer a unique opportunity to eat just one of the cookies and save the other for later.

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Soft and Hard Baked Cookies

Both types of cookie whether gooey or crunchy have a supreme taste and are extremely moreish. Used by some of the largest brands in sports nutrition, our cookies are a market leader.

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Innovative Flavours

We hold our protein cookie manufacture to incredibly high standards, working closely with our research and development partners to bring new and innovative flavours to your customers. We are passionate about the flavour of protein cookie that we already provide.

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Growing Popularity

High protein baked goods are growing in popularity and some consumers reach for a high protein baked product, such as a cookie, rather than reaching for a protein bar.

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