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Private Label

Tablets and Capsules

Our private label tablets and capsules are the most efficient way of consuming vitamins and minerals. Also, these types of products can provide an increased amount of active ingredient compared to other forms of delivery. This can also result in fewer excipients. An excipient is an ingredient that does not serve an active nutritional purpose. They may be included for stability, digestibility, manufacturing, or other similar purposes. In general, the stability and shelf-life of tablets and capsules are also potentially superior to other methods of vitamin consumption.

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Going Beyond "Private Label"

Private Label Tablets and Capsules

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Chewable Tablets

Like other tablets, chewable tablets are best used for ingredients only taken in smaller doses. They also share the benefit of a long shelf-life. Chewable tablets may be the best supplement for those who have trouble swallowing whole tablets or capsules.

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We currently offer both hard-shelled and soft-shelled capsules. Our soft gel capsules are liquid-filled, often with additives such as cod liver oil or omega-3. These are often used for heart health maintenance.

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Traditional Tablets

Traditional tablets can be readily swallowed, this removes the concern over masking the taste of bad-tasting ingredients, although some people do find it challenging to swallow a tablet whole.

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