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What we do

Our process

Our process takes you on the long journey from concept all the way through to successfully supplying your satisfied customers with a new innovative product:

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Market understanding

We understand the market dynamics that our customers operate in and how each brand fits into this complicated matrix. This intimate knowledge allows us to identify and anticipate trends and gaps which leads to strong commercial opportunities for our customers.


Product leadership

Once we have identified an opportunity, we then seek to create and design new concept products to meet this anticipated demand.


Early access to new ingredient innovations

We have many partnerships with leading functional ingredient suppliers who share their NPD pipeline with us allowing us to differentiate a formulation to take advantage of new science and discoveries.


Technical, nutritional and regulatory support

Our team of in house nutritionists will explain the science behind the functionality of a product, help ensure the nutritional profile is perfect and offer advice regarding any regulatory issues that might be of concern.


Exhaustive vendor assessment

We travel the world finding the right manufacturing partners to work with. All of our producers are market leaders within their area of expertise, so you can be confident that you are entrusting your brand to a highly competent and professional contract manufacturer who will deliver a consistent product on time and on budget.


Product validation

Long before we launch a new product we thoroughly test its commercial viability and stability so that when you launch you know that you are meeting or exceeding your market expectations.


Full new product development

Together with our manufacturing partners we undertake all product development including recipe formulation, pre-production tests and industrial trials.


Samples for stability and pre-launch marketing

We will supply you with pilot plant samples that can be used to establish product stability and shelf life as well as being used for prelaunch marketing purposes.



Many fledgling and challenger brands have a great business model and are able to grow quickly but are held back by cash flow restrictions. We can help you realize this growth by helping to finance a new product launch through extended and flexible payment terms.


Project management

We carefully manage everything needed to make a successful product launch including artwork generation, print management, attending pre production trials and finally approving the first commercial production run.


Ongoing supply chain management

Once launched, we will help you manage reorder lead times, packaging and ingredient demands, inventory levels and all of the usual volatility that accompanies a successful product launch.

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