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Great tasting

Private Label Protein Bars

Our private label protein bars are convenient and affordable. These nutritional supplements in the form of everyday snacks, like the protein bar, are an easy way to get customers to begin their daily supplementation with your brand. With our in-house nutritional expertise and knowledge of flavours and ingredients, we create healthy bars that deliver nutritional profiles optimised for everything from restoring muscle to losing weight. Our private label protein bars have been incredibly successful in the UK and Overseas following the huge increase in demand for on-the-go, convenient products.

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Creating Your Private Label Protein Bar

Private Label Protein Bars

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High Protein Bars

We create, develop, and deliver deliciously tasting high protein bars, optimised for a variety of tasks, from repairing and building muscle to lowering carbohydrate intake and supporting weight loss. Usually used to supplement protein intake, our bars can be used as a non-guilty pleasure.

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Inventive Flavours and Textures

We can supply these protein bars in a variety of flavours. Our protein bar contract manufacturers are skilled in the essentials of bar flavours such as milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate which can be infused with peanut butter, vanilla, raspberry, mint, and salted caramel flavours.

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Vegan Protein Bars

We deliver great-tasting vegan protein bars, free-from any additives such as lactose or animal products. We can source plant protein in order to create not only a vegan bar but also organic bars. Rest assured, all of our organic producers are backed with the relevant documentation.

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Flexible MOQs

Our private label protein bars are made in a host of different factories, each with their own speciality of taste, texture and different additive flavours. These factories all have different minimum order quantities, so please enquire on our "Contact Us" page.

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