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Not only are we working with businesses to develop their product ranges, we also offer nutritional support to professional and elite level athletes.

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Regulatory Support

Trying to navigate your way through the ever-changing legislative environment when designing a new recipe, or deciding how to market your product, without breaking labelling or health claim rules can be a nightmare for any brand owner. There are often many grey areas that need careful consideration before committing to a product launch. To help our customers mitigate this risk, Opalbond has entered into a partnership arrangement with Trading Standards. Opalbond has been added to the National Primary Register allowing us access to legally binding advice on the many issues that come under the scope of UK Trading Standards.

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Brand Design Support

Getting a product ready for launch is only a small part of the process when launching a new product, or setting up a brand. Nowadays, consumers often “buy with their eyes” meaning its more and more important for your product to stand out against the rest. From designing the packaging of your product, to the marketing materials you’ll need in the future, here at Opalbond we can help with it all. We have an in house designer that can walk you through the process, helping you maximise your time to focus on other things. Bringing brands to life is exactly what we do!

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Nutritional Support

Having in-house Sports Nutritionists with vast experience in providing nutritional support means that we can help you reach your goals. We will work with you to establish a weekly food plan that is tailored to your needs, as well as using our expertise to advise you on which supplements will improve your performance. We will advise how best to manage your nutrition at and around the time you compete so that whether you are racing or fighting you are at the top of your game when it matters most.

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