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Private Label Supplements

At Opalbond, we work closely with your brand to develop a bespoke private-label supplement that is ready for you to take to market. Health supplements offer your customers a convenient format for consuming a controlled dosage of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. From product conception through to launch, we are here to support you on each step of the end-to-end journey to create your food supplement. We can advise you on custom formulations, supplement formats, nutritional queries, packaging, legal label claims and so much more. We partner with leading contract manufacturers and ingredient suppliers so you can be confident your product is of the highest quality and keeps your customers coming back.

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How we work

Creating Compelling Supplements

Our range of

Private Label Supplements

Effervescent Tablets

Enjoyable and easy to consume. Our effervescent tablets are a staple of most supplementation regimes and can be easily administered into a glass of water to create a supreme tasting drink.

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Tablets and Capsules

A wide array of different swallowable tablets and capsules with a plethora of active ingredient combinations.

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Fast-Melt Powders

A convenient, on-the-go supplement. Our fast-melt powders allow for ease of transport and can be taken on a plane or abroad without issue at customs.

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Drinking Powders

Designed for use on the go, our drinking powder sachets can be added to water and drinking bottles to provide a convenient way to consume vitamins.

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Sector spotlight:

Food Supplements

Supplements for

Sports Nutrition

By combining ingredients clinically proven to aid performance with interesting and innovative formats for on-the-go usage, we can help you to create a winning white label supplement.

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Supplements for

Weight Management

Supplements can play a key role in supporting healthy weight loss, ensuring the correct nutritional balance is maintained. Our in-house nutritionists specialise in weight management.

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Supplements for

Healthcare and VMS brands

Delivery format is key in this market. We’re constantly on the hunt for new and innovative developments in textures and formats that could give your supplement an advantage.

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