With the weight management sector booming at the moment, each new product needs to be innovative and great tasting to stand out to the customer. This could involve using Opalbond’s expertise to add functional ingredients to existing products that aid weight management, or producing bespoke products that meet the EU regulations to be classified as a meal replacement product.

As a team we have extensive expertise in producing products for the ever increasing weight management sector, ensuring they taste as good as other products but without the calories or sugar.

  • Bars

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    Bars 3

    Bars are a great way to attract customers into a weight management brand. With the added convenience of obtaining essential nutrients, they can be sold anywhere; from superstores to gyms. Our great tasting bars could either used as a low calorie snack between meals, or used as a complete meal replacement product. Opalbond have worked extensively with manufacturers to ensure that weight management bars are just as flavoursome and luxurious as normal bars, just without the extra calories.

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  • Drinks

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    Drinks Water Based

    It is so easy these days to reach for a drink that is full of calories, but to create a low calorie but great tasting drink takes time and expertise. Opalbond have worked with both dairy and dairy free drink manufacturers to produce great tasting, nutritious drinks to have on the go. Whether the function of the drink is to just be used as part of a weight management plan, or to be a substitute for a meal, it is essential that the end consumer gets the essential nutrients to function whilst in a calorie deficit.

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  • Supplements

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    Supplements Holding

    Our expertise here at Opalbond means that we have are very knowledgeable in which supplements will benefit a product in a weight management plan. Backed by clinical research, we can advise and source for you supplements which will benefit your existing range.

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