At Opalbond, we take enormous pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products, consistently. From sourcing the best ingredients, to ensuring that our production partners are best in class, we strive to ensure that the final product always meets our customers expectations.

Opalbond are ISO 9001 accredited and we ensure that all of our production facilities hold the highest certification for the manufacture of food supplements and functional foods. Critical points are identified within projects to ensure correctly sequenced work tasks and due diligence is sustained along the way,  all commitments are captured and placed in the product Masterfile safeguarding product quality.

As part of our due diligence, we check and approve each supplier individually, with the team auditing sites before approval when appropriate. This gives us and our customers the confidence that we are delivering the highest quality product.

Opalbond are GDP accredited by the MHRA as well as being certified to supply organic products by OF&G Organic.

Each batch supplied will be accompanied by a manufacturers certificate of analysis, giving customers peace of mind as well as full traceability.

If you have any questions regarding our quality policies please contact Paul Marshall, Head of Quality, at