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Private Label

Protein Wafers

A key difference between our bars and our protein wafers are the texture, taste, and consumer experience. We liken the differences to driving a car over sand or through mud – a similar outcome but a very different experience for the driver. Our private label protein wafers are rich in texture and reasonably priced. For brands that like the idea of having something different to the traditional protein bar, or wanting to extend their range of protein snacks, our wafer bars are fundamental. Our in-house nutritional expertise and knowledge of flavours and ingredients has greatly improved our protein wafer offering.

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Private Label Protein Wafers

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High Protein Wafers

We optimise our private label protein wafers for a variety of different consumption motivations including lowering carbohydrate intake to support weight management or to rebuild muscle.

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Quality Ingredients and Flavours

We can supply these protein wafers in an assortment of flavours. These flavours are vanilla, caramel, strawberry, and various types of chocolate. In terms of texture, our wafer bar contract manufacturers can produce a thin wafer bar, which offers a much lighter alternative for consumers.

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Vegan Wafers

We have recently pushed for the making of a vegan wafer specification, and are extremely proud of the outcome. Our vegan protein wafers are incredibly new and will be a fast-moving product within the vegan supplement industry.

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Two-Finger Protein Wafer Format

A recent addition to our private label protein wafer family is the finger format. We imagine a similar level of popularity as the famous Swiss brand and manufacturer’s bar. These products are extremely innovative and are an industry first for the functional confectionery market.

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