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Private Label

Protein Waffles

A private label protein waffle may not be an initial go-to product to add to a brand’s range of protein products, however, standing apart from the crowd is a great way to build unique identity and capture new consumers. Protein waffles are an indulgent breakfast food, giving the consumer an early-morning hit of protein. Opalbond have curated the best team of in-house nutritionists and after reviewing all of the protein waffles on the market, have created one we feel proud to bring to our clients.

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Going Beyond "Private Label"

Private Label Protein Waffles

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Protein Waffles

We have sourced incredibly indulgent protein waffles, and our in-house nutritionists have made sure that the specific formulation of the waffles ensures a high protein content. The high content of nourishing macronutrients helps build muscle mass, and the lack of a wicked amount of sugar helps retain a lean body.

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Vegan Protein Waffles

We offer an unparalleled vegan waffle, providing an equally filling protein boost using natural ingredients. Veganism is a rising trend across the globe and is slowly making headway in the sports nutrition markets. Our vegan waffle offering is the perfect option for customers who may have certain dietary needs and provides a unique range extension to your brand.

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