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Private Label

Protein Snacks

Convenient and affordable, nutrition snacks like bars are an easy way to get customers to try something new. Done correctly, they are the ideal gateway to your brand. With our in-house nutritional expertise and knowledge of flavours and ingredients, we create healthy, great-tasting products that deliver nutritional profiles optimised for everything from high protein to losing weight.

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Private Label Protein Snacks

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Protein Bars

Deliciously tasting high-protein bars, optimised for a variety of tasks, from repairing and building muscle to lowering carbohydrate intake and supporting weight loss.

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Protein Wafers

Our wafers are delicious. Enrobed in chocolate, coupled with great nutritionals – what more could you want? Our wafers are available in high protein, low sugar, and gluten free varieties, making them a great, convenient snack.

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Protein Waffles

We have sourced incredibly indulgent protein waffles, and our in-house nutritionists have made sure that the specific formulation of the waffles ensures a high protein content.

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Cream-Filled Protein Wafers

Our cream-filled protein wafers offer consumers an alternative to traditional bar formats. These great-tasting protein snacks are also available in vegan and vegetarian formulations.

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Our Audiences

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Bars and Wafers audience

Sports nutrition

Health bars are a perfect fit for sports nutrition, a convenient snack you can pick up on the go or stick in your gym bag. Bars can be optimised to deliver protein, energy or a range of nutrients, but in every case performance is key. Customers need to see measurable benefits right away.

Bars and Wafers audience

Food to go

The food to go category is fast moving with your demanding consumers driving product innovation. Opalbond understand this market and can take product from initial concept through to delivery (to your warehouse door). By supplying innovative bespoke products branded in your own label we can help extend your market reach and hard-earned reputation for quality and innovation.

Bars and Wafers audience

Vitamin and mineral supplements

Functional bars provide a great vehicle for supplying vitamin and mineral supplements, in relatively high quantities if required. From cereal-based bars to sweeter confectionary, the opportunity is there to market specialist ingredients in an appealing end product.

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