We have been working with manufacturers to produce an extensive range of methods to deliver vitamins and minerals into the body to suit all of the end customer’s needs.

Similarly, our nutritional expertise means that we can advise on the addition of certain vitamins and minerals to help enhance an existing product, allowing you to attract a wider range of customers.

  • Bars and Wafers

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    Bars 5

    Taking vitamins and minerals is often associated with taking tablets. But why? Adding a great source of vitamins and minerals to great tasting bars not only means the customer is getting healthcare benefits on the go, but they also get the enjoyment of eating a brilliant snack.

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  • Drinks

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    Drinks Water Based 1

    Adding a high dosage of vitamins and minerals to a drink on the go is a great way for customers to consume their daily micronutrient requirements in a convenient, great tasting format. For an immunity boost, vitamins and minerals are essential to the body. Not everyone wants to take tablets all the time, so here at Opalbond we are constantly thinking of innovative ways to get micronutrients into the body.

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  • Supplements

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    Supplements Dissolve

    Whatever the format you want to use for a vitamin and mineral supplement, we have it covered. Ranging from effervescent and chewable tablets to fast melt powders and functional confectionary, there are plenty of ways to supply your customer with their essential nutrients.

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  • Ingredients

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    Using unique, high quality yet innovative ingredients, we can create bespoke vitamin and mineral premixes for you to then use either alone, or in conjunction with other products. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can advise you on more bioavailable ingredients, so that the optimal levels of micronutrients are absorbed by the body, resulting in less wastage of product.

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