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Private Label

Fast Melt and Drinking Powders

Our private label fast melt and drinking powders are a revolutionary way of administering dietary supplements in a controlled and convenient delivery method. The fast-melt powder is a pioneering product which can simply be placed directly on the tongue with no need for water. Our drinking powders however can be added to water to create a drinkable vitamin solution. As well as delivering the necessary active substances, these delivery systems presents a strong and refreshing flavour.

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Private Label Fast Melt and Drinking Powders

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Fast Melt Powders

Just like effervescent tablets, our fast melt powders provide a mix of vitamins and minerals in an easy to consume format. The benefits of our powders in a sports nutrition setting is the light carry weight and the lack of dependency on a water source. Athletes can take a powder quickly before, during and immediately after physical activity.

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Drinking Powders

We offer a private label drinking powder, similar to a fast melt powder, but instead of direct oral consumption, it requires a water source, creating a drinkable solution. For some consumers of vitamins, a great-tasting drink, with added vitamin drinking powder, is the preferred method of vitamin absorption.

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