Optimising the customer’s nutrition surrounding a training session is a key way to making those all-important performance gains. Being in a busy consumer market, it's important that your products stand out and create longevity with customers. In order to do this, products need to be backed up with strong science, clinical studies and meet a consumer's expectations. At Opalbond we are able to help you achieve this, we have experience of creating bespoke sports nutrition products with a mature lifecycle.

Our in-house team of nutritionists have experience of working with a variety of athletes, it’s something we continuously do to ensure we are at the forefront of what the end customer needs.

  • Bars and Wafers

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    Bars 5

    A key example of convenience is our bars range, a great way to get essential macronutrients into the body for consumers on the go. The correct balance of ingredients will allow the customers to reach their nutrition goals, enabling them to train effectively and optimise performance. Opalbond has worked with brands to add high-quality proteins to a protein caramel technology bar producing a delicious smooth tasting product. We are continually developing bars solutions for Sports Nutrition and are always keen to talk to brands about how we can create a bespoke and targeted product for the end consumer.

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  • Drinks

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    Drinks Dairy Based

    Not everyone after a hard gym or training session has enough time for a meal, nor does everyone always want to eat something post exercise. This is when sports drinks are ideal for everyone, ranging from athletes to the average gym goer. Sports drinks can rehydrate, refuel and aid muscle growth and repair. Our knowledge here at Opalbond has lead us to produce high quality, dairy and dairy free ready to go drinks, which can easily be placed at gyms for convenience or the fridge for when the customer gets home, to make sure they are fully recovered and prepared for their next session.

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  • Supplements

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    Supplements Dissolve

    Our expertise here at Opalbond means that we have are very knowledgeable in which supplements will benefit a product in a weight management plan. Backed by clinical research, we can advise and source for you supplements which will benefit your existing range.

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