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Private Label

Functional Gummies

Functional Gummies are the great-tasting and sweet alternative to capsules and tablets. Gummies are becoming increasingly attractive as a delivery method of supplements and their use extends from children to adults. Using a wide variety of additives, they have become popular in the Beauty, Healthcare and Sports Nutrition industries. Our private label functional gummies are designed to deliver a fast-acting dose of its additive, whether its caffeine for pre-workout or CBD for post-workout, there are ingredients to fit most brands.

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Going Beyond "Private Label"

Private Label Functional Gummies

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Different Sizes, Shapes and Colours

We offer gummies in various different sizes, some gummies being larger to fit more additives within it. If the gummies are being marketed to children, perhaps the gummy bear shape would be a better fit.

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Additives for Adults and Children

We can now offer a range of Multi-Vitamin gummies that can help with immunity, eye health and bone health. This plethora of additives can be marketed as supplements for adults or children making it a diverse offering.

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Sports Nutrition

Gummies are a quick and convenient way of quickly administering supplements such as caffeine and other additives before or during intense exercise. Widely used by athletes at all levels, gummies could be a key offering for any brand within the Sports Nutrition sector.

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Beauty Gummies

Using ingredients such as Biotin, Selenium and Niacin which are often supplemented to help maintain your skin, hair and nails natural lustre, you can market gummies as a beauty supplement.

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