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Low Sugar products

No, low or reduced sugar? You decide.

The 2018 UK Sugar Tax has driven the launch of many new no, low and reduced sugar beverages.* Here at Opalbond, we have been developing own-label drinks that contain sweeteners such as Sucralose, Stevia, Erythritol and fructose.and the trend doesn’t end there. Many brands are also focusing on snacking occasions, with low sugar chocolate bars driving product innovation requests.

Creating a better own-label product


Low sugar drinks

According to Mintel, 39% of young women would be interested in seeing sugar free alternatives to popular drinks in coffee shops.

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Low sugar bars

Almost three in five snackers say that quick bites play an essential role in curbing and satisfying hunger.

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3 clear benefits for Healthy Food to Go brands

Their label or your label?

The market size for soft drinks is forecast to reach £19.6bn by 2021. Opalbond can help to deliver a slice of the market by delivering drinks to the food on the go market under your own-label. The possibilities are almost limitless…

Sugar the new ‘bad’

Fat is no longer perceived as the route of all nutritional ‘ills’ as it once was. The awareness of the negative impact of sugar on blood glucose and mood, diabetes and even chronic disease, in addition to the new sugar tax has consumers and retailers alike looking for easy to drink alternatives, without compromise.

Still, lightly carbonated or carbonated?

Thanks to our technical exertise, we know when a product concept is likely to need carbonation to mask challenging ingredients or to improve the consumer experience. So if you need help on the best packaging formats for shelf life and stability we can give you all the help and guidance you need to take your project from brief to the shelf.