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Natural products

Products with a ‘Natural’ positioning

Natural sweeteners, colours and flavours are crucial ingredients to any brand looking to enhance its own-label drinks range. Fruit, water or milk based products are selectively coupled with botanical or natural ingredients to create drinks that add to the rich variety of your product offer.

Creating a better own-label product


Fruit based drinks

Shelf stable ambient fruit and vegetable smoothies in PET bottles or cans provide the reassurance of a product with a shelf life that will last.

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Water based drinks

Boundaries are blurring between juice drinks, flavoured water and carbonated drinks. We have the flexibility to deliver products in cans and PET whether carbonated or still.

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3 clear benefits for Healthy Food to Go brands

Vegan and Lactose Free Milk based drinks

49% of consumers say that health factors impact where they purchase lunch during the week. Indeed, some consumers are actively looking for lunch to be a vegetarian eating occasion or perhaps requiring more specialist lactose free products for instance. We can offer vegan or LF milk free beverages with increasingly popular almond milk if preferred for your ‘On the Go’ veggie or LF customer.

The rise and rise of the ‘super’ food

Superfoods are being used to add USP’s to a variety of foods from cereals to cookies. Many superfoods such as Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Aloe and Turmeric can be added to beverages to give them that all important boost and to appeal to health conscious consumers.

Cold drinks in cans drive the younger market

Younger shoppers are buying cold drinks instead of hot which is helping to drive growth in the food service category, with cold drink spend up 44%. Our Healthy Food to Go expertise provides green canned coke, carbonated real lemonade, sparkling flavoured water and juices all in own-branded packaging. *[Kantar via The Grocer].