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New Trend

One step beyond

At Opalbond we are fully immersed in the food industry and this enables us to identify new opportunities for own-label brands - keeping them ahead of the curve. We identify the feasibility of ideas and put into action a product delivery plan.

Creating a better own-label product


Ethnic twists with benefits

Examples of emerging product trends in food service outlets include high-protein options and a continued development of flavor trends from the Far East such as turmeric milk.*

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What’s at the end of the rainbow?

The next cutting edge opportunity depends on technical feasibility and our customers’ demands.

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3 clear benefits for Healthy Food to Go brands

Provenance of ingredients

Opalbond work with carefully selected ingredients. We only source ingredients where ethics sustainability and efficacy have all been evaluated by our team of nutritionists as well as providing the necessary quality documentation and access to audit.

The proof is in the eating

At Opalbond we taste absolutely everything we develop. We genuinely don’t sell it if it isn’t something we wouldn’t eat ourselves, after all we are your customers too! Fundamental to our success is in having genuinely healthier products which taste great too, now why wouldn’t you want to taste that?

Your idea plus our know how

We regularly handle confidential enquiries for amazing innovative ideas and face the challenge head on to deliver the product. Once you have a concept in mind you want to move quickly to get your product in your own label onto the market. Our small experienced team can quickly explain how best we can deliver your new product to the market.