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Specific Health Target

Specific lifestyles or desired states products

Consumers are looking for quick energy-boosts, snacks for hunger or products for mental clarity without compromise on taste and nutritional profile. This is important in order that you can maintain your health and natural credentials whilst meeting market demands.

Creating a better own-label product


Beverages on a mission

We have already developed drinks with natural caffeine, herbal pick me ups and ingredients with a beauty focus as well as targeting many other health areas.

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Healthy snacks that satisfy

With more than 3 in 5 consumers (63%)* stating that protein helps to keep them fuller for longer*, it’s no wonder that we drive the use of specific ingredients and technology to deliver high protein low sugar bars.

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3 clear benefits for Healthy Food to Go brands

Drinks with benefits

65% of consumers would be more likely to choose a soft drink with ‘all natural ingredients’ *. We develop drinks with added ingredients able to meet this consumer demand. All natural ingredients include natural caffeine, proprietary herbals, cereals and natural source water such as coconut and melon water and many more are all achievable.

The Healthy Food to Go protein gap

Almost half of snackers (47%)* state that they prefer products that are healthier, so those which help fill a satiety gap (with protein) and low sugar (healthier), may well be a niche opportunity for Healthy Food to Go brands. Protein is associated with satiety (feeling full) this provides a good platform for communication.

Breakfast drinks & Iced Coffee

The relatively new breakfast drinks category is mainly found in the food retail market, but the opportunity for the Healthy Food to Go sector remains untapped. Milk based, ambient stable products with a decent shelf life is a challenge, but can be achieved with HDPE (bottled) breakfast drinks, cold brew coffee and iced coffee in a can.