Walking around several shows recently its clear that chocolate has grown up from your Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars to become a far more sophisticated premium product. Indeed today’s media has highlighted two studies which show consuming dark chocolate that has a high concentration of cacao has positive effects on stress, mood, memory and warding off diseases. Now show me an adult that doesn’t want chocolate and all those benefits?

However some of the adult chocolate products are not for the faint hearted with additions of chilli, salt, matcha tea and more. In the dark chocolate versions the cocoa percentages will tantalise the most sophisticated of taste buds and sit nicely with your evening glass of Malbec.

Cocoa beans are grown over many different countries and much like wine, the climate, soil and nearby vegetation all plays a role in influencing the natural flavours of the cocoa bean and ultimately the chocolate itself.

A good chocolatier understands this and manufactures a product to compliment such nuances. The finest chocolate is now accessible to those looking for vegan, lactose free, no added sugar, organic variants and Opalbond can offer this for own label business too.

If you are interested in own label vegan, lactose free, no added sugar, organic chocolate bars please get in touch at enquiries@opalbond.co.uk.