Lets be honest, most of the time, supplements aren’t fun. Either asking your child to drink a drink, or putting some drops on their food of a vitamin supplement isn’t going to give them the most fun experience, so they might not be racing to repeat!

Well, who said supplements can’t be fun? Meet our new Vitamin Straws. Also being made from biodegradable material, you’re not going to be adding to single use plastics.

Containing effervescent pellets, all you need to do is add the straw to a glass of water and drink through it. A perfect, and easy way to get 100% RDA of Vitamin C, Zinc and Calcium into the body.

Our straws can come in a variety of flavours; forest fruits, apple, orange, raspberry, and even more in development!

If you are interested in adding these supplements to your range, please get in touch at enquiries@opalbond.co.uk