With an optimal blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, brands can create functional beverages that offer targeted solutions to meet their customers' health goals. Here we look at key trends and what is important to consumers when looking for a functional beverage.

Trending Beverage Functionalities

According to Innova Market Insights, it’s important to consumers that the food and drinks they consume are healthy. Clean label and natural ingredients will be key for brands when formulating new functional drinks, with 32% of consumers saying that natural ingredients are one of the top two most important factors when selecting a healthy food or beverage (Innova).

To learn more about what need states are important to people when choosing a functional food or beverage, Innova conducted a consumer survey which showed the top functions as:

  • Boosting immunity - 37%
  • Improving gut health - 30%
  • Improving heart health - 26%
  • Improving sleep - 21%
  • Boosting mental focus and alertness - 19%
  • Supporting brain health - 15%

Innova also reported that 61% of global consumers agreed health claims and product labels have a significant influence on their purchasing decisions. This suggests that brands should focus on including levels of active ingredients that meet requirements for approved health claims so they can be displayed on product labels.

Functional Opportunities: Effervescent Tablets

Effervescent Tablets are one of the most consumed food supplement formats for vitamins and minerals. Due to their versatility, they are favoured by many brands because product positionings can range from vitamin boosting, sports nutrition, energy, electrolytes, immunity, gut health and so much more.

Consumers like the convenience of effervescent tablets and their size means they can be taken on the go. They quickly dissolve in water to create a tasty functional drink and facilitate a quicker absorption of active ingredients and nutrients by the body. Effervescent Tablets also help to combat ‘pill fatigue’ and offer an alternative for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules.

In terms of its size, the global market for effervescent tablets is currently valued at $5.3bn and is expected to grow beyond $8bn by 2030. Key factors driving the growth of this supplement are its reduced packaging, high nutrient absorption and appeal to different consumer groups.

From product conception to launch, we are here to help bring your effervescent tablet to market. With in-house nutritional expertise, you can trust our team to help you develop a product that meets consumer demand.

We work closely with you to fully understand your business and have the knowledge to advise you on nutritional queries, packaging, legal label claims and so much more.