Algae as Protein

Interesting news from Denmark. The government is putting funding into a public-private collaboration, ‘Microalgae for food’. The partnership brings together the Technological Institute of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen on the research side, plus a number of SMEs, including NatuRem Bioscience, a micro-algae food ingredients company.

There’s definitely a sustainability motivation here, with the collaboration signalling a growing trend towards the innovative use of climate-friendly protein sources. The team’s goal is to develop and sell a microalgae-based ingredient into the food industry, with project results in by the end of this year.

Although we’ll have to wait and see whether the collaboration does lead to a new protein ingredient for the food industry, we’re likely to hear about more of these types of innovation in the future. The industry is keen to embrace protein sources of this type which don’t require fresh water or pesticides for cultivation and don’t take up valuable arable land like their animal-based counterparts.

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