Convenience, convenience, convenience… The 20gm protein bar has been a phenomenal success across both brands and retailers. People tell me the market is saturated and, while I acknowledge there are numerous products available, it’s great to see new bars being launched. Convenience is now a given and I believe taste, taste, taste, is now the critical factor.

20gm protein used to be a standard requirement but I’m increasingly working on projects where the protein requirement is 10-14gm, and one project where the requirement is 3gm of protein.

The projects are also more diverse and include functional wafers, low sugar wafers, low sugar protein wafers, gluten-free and vegan wafers. Waffles are another good example of a functional low sugar snack, with a 25gm protein waffle providing 5gm of protein and 80Kcal.

I am at present developing a finished product functional pancake - individually wrapped low-sugar protein-enriched pancakes with fabulous fillings.

I have no doubt that the 20gm chocolate enrobed protein bar will continue to develop. The UK’s best selling range of 20gm bars is now five years old and consumers demand innovation…

Opalbond develops functional finished product snacks including low sugar chocolate enrobed protein bars, low sugar vegan protein wafers, low sugar protein waffles & protein pancakes with great-tasting fillings.