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Each month, we take a look at a new focus product, to keep our brands up with consumer trends

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Sports Nutrition brands

Convenient and appetising, drinks are a great way to introduce new customers to your wider brand. Convenience being key to the end consumers, we can add BCAAs to your drink whilst still maintaining a great taste. Using our natural ingredients helps to appeal to a wider audience interested in general well-being and the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Drinks for

Food to go

The food to go category is fast moving with your demanding consumers driving product innovation. Opalbond understand this market and can take product from initial concept through to delivery (to your warehouse door). By supplying innovative bespoke products branded in your own label we can help extend your market reach and hard-earned reputation for quality and innovation.

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Drinks for

Healthcare and VMS brands

If you want to offer drinks with a high-dosage nutrient profile, finding the optimum balance of ingredients is key. With an exhaustive knowledge of the available supplements, including newly developed ingredients, we are the experts when it comes to developing the right formula to compete and innovate in a crowded marketplace.

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